2019 Tournaments Listings

We have updated much of the information for the baseball tournaments in Maryland for 2019. We will continue to update them throughout the week. To view the current listing, visit Maryland Youth Baseball and check the “Tournaments” section. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Ed.

Fights and Lawsuits

I hope this never happens in Maryland. I have heard coaches and board members complain about disgruntled coaches who left their league with an entire team. But, what I read in this article takes it to another level.

The dispute is taking place between members of two leagues. One league is affiliated with Little League, the other with Cal Ripken Baseball. Apparently the dispute started when several members of the Little League club left to form the Cal Ripken club. Unfortunately some of the changes have brought confusion, lawsuits and nothing good for the kids. 

Here's the article: 


Youth Sports Costs

I mentioned recently that I plan on sharing a writeup on scholarships. I want to share a Time Magazine article I read this week concerning youth sports costs. The article discusses scholarships, costs, and the shifts in the "industry". I wasn't surprised to see Tom Farrey being quoted in the article. Many may know Farrey from his work at ESPN and the Aspen Institute. I highly recommend to every parent to read his book entitled "Game On". In it he explores many aspects of youth sports.

Here's the link to the article - http://time.com/4913687/how-kids-sports-became-15-billion-industry/?xid=homepage&pcd=hp-magmod

Back to School

I apologize for the delay with any postings. I just posted a tryout and will fix some tournament listings.

It was crazy busy this week. I spent most of the time running errands and nagging Kid #3 about getting ready for school. We then dropped her off for her freshman year in Virginia.  The goodbyes get harder and I wonder how it'll go with Kid #4 in 2 years. We stayed overnight in Virginia to start the move-in early the next day.

I brought my laptop along and I put together a video with pictures and old clips. I added two songs including "Teach Your Children" (Crosby, Stills & Nash). There were a number of clips and pictures I had left back home, but I was happy with the final product. I placed it on a thumbdrive and I gave that to her before I left. When we departed I told her, "Check what I left you on the thumbdrive". As you'll see from my chat with her, she was also very happy with the video. She was surprised to see a clip of her as a toddler, joking around with her grandfather. It was very special since he passed away last year.

Our kids, it's who we make all the sacrifices for. They change us for the best. Many of us carry our phones with us all the time. So, keep snapping those pictures and taking the videos, especially the candid ones. Capturing those memories is another thing they'll love you for.


Leveling the Playing Field

Over time we will share musings and also include other baseball related items. Today we want to discuss a non-profit that works on helping share baseball (and other sports) with disadvantaged youth in Maryland. 

Level the Playing Field (LPF) collects donated sports equipment and redistributes it to low-income kids throughout Maryland. All donations benefit needy schools, after school programs, and athletic leagues looking to engage their students in the physical and mental benefits of youth sports participation. LPF relies on used/excess sports donations from local communities to engage underprivileged children, so clean out your garages and basements of your old sporting equipment so that underprivileged kids are able to enjoy them!

You can also make financial contributions. To make a financial contribution to their cause, please visit their website at www.levelingtheplayingfield.org or make a check out to “Leveling the Playing Field” and mail to 9170 Brookville Road Silver Spring, MD 20910.  

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact LPF at 301-801- 0738 or email at info@levelingtheplayingfield.org.

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